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Wickliffe is a rural town located in Ballard County, Kentucky, United States. The population at the 2010 census was 688. Wickliffe is the home of the Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site, one of the major archaeological sites for the Mississippian Native American Culture. Today, Wickliffe Mounds is a state historic site and home to a research center and museum.

In 1780 during the Revolutionary War, General George Rogers Clark established Fort Jefferson on a hill overlooking the Mississippi River one mile south of present-day Wickliffe. The fort was intended to protect what was then the western boundary of the infant United States from raids by the British Army and Native Americans. It was abandoned in 1781 after a siege by the Chickasaw.

The site later served as a Union Army post during the Civil War. General Ulysses S. Grant directed a demonstration against the Confederate-held position at Columbus, Kentucky, in January 1862. Troops from the post joined in capturing Fort Henry in February 1862. It served as a Union supply post for operations in the western theater of the war.

Wickliffe is part of the Paducah, KY-IL Micropolitan Statistical Area, which includes four counties: Ballard County, Livingston County, McCracken County, and Massac County.

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One of the nearest cities with a population over 24,000, is the city of Paducah, KY. Paducah is located approximately 29 miles from Wickliffe, KY.

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Founded in 1827 by William Clark of Lewis & Clark fame, Paducah’s origins and prosperity can be attributed to its strategic location at the confluence of the Ohio and Tennessee rivers. The combination of southern charm and hospitality that originated with Paducah’s founding is still alive and well in this vibrant river city today.

Paducah’s public and private sectors are committed to providing quality educational, cultural and entertainment activities usually found in larger metropolitan areas. The city was recognized by UNESCO in November 2013 when Paducah was designated a UNESCO Creative City for its diverse cultural pedigree and commitment to creativity, culture, innovation and global collaboration.

Blending a rich history with a stable economy, healthy business climate, and outstanding schools and neighborhoods, Paducah is an excellent place to create, raise a family or start a business.

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