About Us

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Phoenix Paper Wickliffe LLC, is a subsidiary of Shanying International – a leading global pulp & paper company. Shanying is one of the largest industrial paper-making enterprises and extra-large packaging board manufacturers in China. Phoenix Paper is the first U.S. mill purchased by Shanying in September of 2018. Once fully optimized, the mill will produce approximately 300,000 tons of product per year.

Shanying has established subsidiaries in multiple Providences in China. It has companies in the USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Australia, and Hong Kong. Shanying has an annual yield of 3,050,000 tons of paper and over 10 billion ft2 cardboard and paper carton, ranking it among the top within the industry.

Phoenix Paper is proud to be Shanying’s first paper mill in the United States, and we are excited to join the people of Kentucky and Ballard County in restarting the Wickliffe mill!

Coming soon in 2021 – The Wickliffe, KY mill will expand to include a new recycling facility! Our $200 million investment is projected to take approximately 18 months to build and once completed, will process recycled paper – creating an additional 150 jobs.